Daily Archives: January 28, 2012

day 28.

Today, I put these bad boys on for the first time in well over a year:

I went to a beginner roller derby class at oaks park with a friend of mine. She’s interested in learning how to skate and maybe get into the sport. I’ve skated for a large chunk of my life and played derby for about 3 years in Detroit, so I offered to go with her and check it out. We ended up getting split up into a beginner group and a more advanced group, but I think we both had a blast.

It felt so amazing to be on skates again. To move my body in ways that it is really used to and also has kind of forgotten a bit. To skate fast. To get low and feel the burn in my thighs. Skating is one of those ways that I feel so truly present in my body. I want more of that feeling.

I, of course, can’t wait to go again. Hopefully next week!


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