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day 22.

Act of self-love: donate your time to something you believe in

Today I spent the majority of my day volunteering at a secret cafe fundraiser for NOLOSE (a volunteer-run organization dedicated to ending the oppression of fat people and creating vibrant fat queer culture). I believe we raised over $600!

I was a kitchen helper/cook, and I worked with my fermentation and pickle club collaborators (as well as many other amazing volunteers) to feed almost 30 guests at the cafe.

The event was amazing. Everyone worked so hard and well together. People were smiling all day, even when it got really busy. The food was delicious, beautiful, plentiful. I think everyone went home happy and satisfied.

It felt so incredible to be a part of this event. To put my skills to use, to see so many people really enjoying what we were serving them, to work with some really special, talented folks.

This is what fat community feels like, looks like. I am honored to be a part of it.

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day 21.

today was about putting on a sexy-ish outfit and doing my makeup for the first time in over a week.

feeling (and looking) hot. still feels like a new thing for me. i’m doing my best to embrace it.

to own it.

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day 20.

self-care goal: dance it out

Today, I took a homework break with my housemate and we had a basement dance party to Austra.

Video evidence here: homework break!, which is terribly embarrassing, yet so joyful I had to post it anyway.

Then spent the rest of the evening listening to the incomparable Etta James.


Music. Sometimes the best kind of self-care there is.

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day 19.

Today’s self-care looked like calling in to work, staying in bed for the majority of the day, snuggling with the little dog, napping, and watching a lot of sex and the city season 6.

I’m so not stoked on feeling icky, and I want to be up and about working on all of my projects, but slowing down and resting and letting my body do what it needs to do is really good for me.

Here’s hoping I feel better tomorrow.

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day 18.

about all i could muster in terms of self-care yesterday was a day without social media.

i think i’ll be taking those days more often. totally good for me.

oh, and a bath. a nice hot bath with an awesome bath bomb i got for my birthday. it was super citrus-y and made me feel so much better. if only we had a bigger bathtub!

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day 17.

I don’t feel so awesome today. Under the weather, crampy, nauseous. All around not great. Sometimes, this is the hardest time for me to do self-care. I usually push myself too much. Deny that I’m getting sick or feeling crappy. And it usually just makes it worse.

But I made it a priority today. I left work early. Went to sleep for hours. Ate pho and drank coconut water (from an actual young coconut!). And now I’m back in bed, with water, throat clear tincture, and my tiny dog. I think we’re going to watch sex and the city and go to sleep early.

Homework will have to wait until tomorrow.

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days 13, 14, 15, and 16.

I went to the coast this past weekend to celebrate one of my very best friend’s birthdays. It was full of so much good food, laughter, games, relaxing, art-making, and joy. It felt so good to be there, loving each other, treating each other with care, sharing the experience.

One evening, I walked to the beach by myself to watch the end of the sunset.

Sent wishes off with the waves.

Breathed in the salty air.

And said thanks.

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tarot card of the year.

On New Year’s Eve, i did an elaborate tarot reading for the year based on the 12 astrological houses. i feel like i got a lot out of it but also that some of it didn’t apply or didn’t really make a lot of sense based on the deck i was using (The Collective Tarot). i wasn’t fully satisfied with my new year reading, so on New Year’s Day i decided to draw just one card as a forecast for my year. i figured i’d use both of these readings to guide me a bit on my path for 2012.

interestingly enough, i pulled the same card that i had pulled the night before for the 1st house (self). i was definitely a bit freaked out when this happened. i mean, i really believe in the cards and have had special, magical readings in the past, but this had never happened to me before. clearly, the cards were telling me something. and i’m doing my best to listen.

the card i pulled: six of keys

some of what it says:

“This is the card of victory. It’s been a fantastic battle, one minute you were laying backside in the mud, and the next, crouched, your inner cub prepared to pounce on its opponent. Mud covers everyone and everything. And now, one wrestler stands…You! … Your creativity and persistence has paid off in the ring, and you get to savor this glory. The time and energy it took to gain this victory wasn’t easy. So take in your shining moment!

We all have a turn at standing on the winner’s platform, sliding through the mud, being one of the crowd, and playing in the band. Recognizing this, we can respond to our losses with more grace, trusting that success will return to us once again. We can also view our victories more modestly, acknowledging privileges that may have brought us this success, helping our opponents up, and whole-heartedly appreciating the challenge they’ve given. …

Be your own crowd and celebrate fabulous moments of personal victory. … Allow it to inspire you to commit to new goals and challenges that will help bring you to future victories. Learning how to pass on what you’ve learned in your own victory can help to lift others up in their lives. Sharing what you’ve learned also helps to remind you of how you gained the victories in your own life.”

i’m going to do my best to carry these words with me throughout 2012.

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cheese making!

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farmer’s cheese making at the impromptu meeting of the fermentation and pickle club. so easy and so delicious.

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day 12.

today i danced in my room to this:

and read this:

and started work on these:

chocolate salted-caramel cupcakes


and thought about all the ways i love my body.

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