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day 39.

A day full of self-care and serious body love.

The highlights:

  • A new bustier for a party I’m going to this weekend. It is really hot and made me feel so good about my curves. Plus it was on sale for $10, can’t beat that.
  • Counseling. Not as intense as last time (thank god), but still really good and productive. I feel like I’m getting somewhere, at least.
  • Acupuncture. I went to that space that I only get to when I’m on the table. I really like that space.
  • Unexpected and delicious dinner times with a bestie. I ate some of the most amazing pickled things I’ve ever had. And I feel pretty strongly about pickles.
  • More late night art making. Really lifting my spirits right now.
  • Fatshion February day 8.

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adorable animal videos.

three of my favorite, too cute for words, instant pick-me-up animal videos.

lovely owl:


baby sloths!:


kitten massage:


Seriously, sometimes all you need for self-care is a ridiculously cute animal video.

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day 38.

The full moon is in Leo tonight. I made it a point to do something creative and try to channel some of that moon energy intentionally into my life.

With homework, school, work, etc. I haven’t had nearly enough time for art. Part of self-love is about honoring my creativity. My near constant desire to be making something with my hands. Today, I made room.


because I sometimes forget.


I also had an impromptu dance session with my housemate, ate a super delicious dinner with him at a Lebanese restaurant, and twirled under the moon for a minute. Yeah, I twirled. Oh, and posted my dinner outfit on tumblr for Fatshion February!

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