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day 41.

Well, I started my period today. Which helps explain the melancholy from yesterday.

It was kind of the icing on the cake of an already not so awesome workday. It’s Friday, which is usually a pretty good day at my school, but today I witnessed some intense diet and fat hate talk during my break. It was so bad I had to walk out of the room and shed a tear or two in the bathroom before going on with my day. I always want to have some awesome thing to say when people start talking so much shit about their bodies and fat people in general. But today, I had nothing. I froze. I left the situation because it was the only way I knew how to take care of myself in that moment. But it made me so fucking upset and I thought about it for the whole rest of the day. Ugh.

For self-care today I ate a really yummy grilled cheese sandwich in honor of my period, with some homemade kimchi on the side. I worked on some clothing alteration projects I’m really excited about and also painted my nails with my favorite polish.

And I celebrated my fat, beautiful body by taking pictures for fatshion february, day 10.

Plus, here’s the collage/drawing I’ve been working on. Not quite sure if it’s finished yet:

because I sometimes (often) feel like I’m doing everything wrong.


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