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day 47.

The collective tarot saves my life yet again edition.

Ok, maybe that statement is a bit dramatic, but the main act of self-care I did today was consult the cards and they did not disappoint. I did a Between Two Choices reading, and while I still need to process it all out, I feel like I got some really good insight into the situation I’m dealing with.

The last three cards I pulled, the advice cards, really spoke to me:


I’m going to sleep on it, reevaluate tomorrow, and move forward the best I know how.


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This is fucking gorgeous and I just looked at it from cover to cover, loving every turn of the virtual page.

Seriously beautiful, celebratory, hot as hell, inspiration. So much good fatshion.

So much body love.


Created by supermodel Velvet d’Amour, the first supersize-plus model to infiltrate the elite world of Parisian couture,encourages readers to revel in their every “imperfection” and celebrate their bodies in their glorious entirety. Born out of Ms. d’Amour’s work to expand society’s limited notion of beauty by building awareness about women of every size and shape, the magazine is a visual celebration of full-figured beauty, combined with a self-affirming message of inspiration.

The debut issue of will go live on Valentine’s Day and will touch upon the theme of Ecstasy. Future issues will feature themes such as Femininity and Zest. Contributors of photographic work and essays are invited to submit work for consideration.

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