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day 76.

Act of self-love: celebrate those you love.

Today was my plp wyatt’s birthday. Today was all about celebrating him. My friend Christopher and I threw him a surprise party of sorts with the theme of Wyatt’s favorite things. Everyone brought all of Wyatt’ s favorite foods, we dressed in his favorite colors, we played cute games, there was a sundae bar, and mocktails. It was pretty precious, and tender, and so full of love. I made Wyatt a really special birthday gift that I know he loved. It felt so good to shower him with so much love, attention, and joy. It filled me up to no end. And he totally deserves it. We all do.

the “be tender” banner I made for decoration.

Some of the food. I made baked mac and cheese, and two different ice creams: vietnamese coffee and white chocolate!

the back of the vest I made. You can’t tell from the photo, but the lace heart on the back is covered in hand-sewn rhinestones and pearls.

Wyatt in the vest I made him.

(photos courtesy of jessika fancy!)



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