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day 77 and day 78.

Another jam-packed weekend.

Saturday I worked for this amazing youth arts camp at a weekend intensive they were having in Portland. I have spent my last two summers working at this camp as a youth advocate, but Saturday was the first time I got to present a lesson as an artist. It was a truly amazing opportunity and it was so great to see the youth get engaged in fiber arts. I’m super bummed I won’t be there again this summer, but grad school is my main priority right now. I do get to head to camp at the end of April for another intensive, so at least there’s that.

Self-care was a bit low on the list on Saturday as I was so busy all day and also just exhausted from the festivities of the night before. But I did manage a nap post teaching and some general relaxation time. And I made it to bed early, which is pretty awesome on the weekend.

Sunday was about wrapping up the last of my homework for the term. I drank delicious tea and got so much work done with friends at the tea house. I finished my big final project and feel so amazing about wrapping up my first term of grad school. Then I took one of my besties to get birthday pedicures! My feet needed that. Then we picked up another bff and went out for wings and ice cream. Kind of the perfect way to wrap up the weekend. And I was in bed by 10:30, with all of my homework done, ready to face my last long Monday of this quarter (although next term’s Mondays are going to be even more intense, yikes!). Can’t beat that.


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