Daily Archives: May 7, 2012

days 120-128.

a week of self-care, at a glance:

  • time in the sun (when it was actually sunny)
  • going through all of my belongings and doing some major purging
  • organizing and packing the things I am keeping
  • cooking a delicious meal with Wyatt and setting intentions for our new home
  • friend time/heart time
  • ice cream
  • sleep (but never enough)
  • staying on top of homework
  • iced coffee
  • sex
  • time under the full moon
  • picking lilacs
  • late night walk under the stars
  • checking items off my to-do list
  • listening to myself/speaking up/voicing my feelings
  • trusting that it will all get done, and trying my best not to stress too much

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