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day 174.

lately: self-care in the form of crystals, plants, and terrariums.

*top two photos by jfancy



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day 153.

Today self-care looked like going to the new farmer’s market that opened today in my neighborhood, buying delicious treats and beautiful herbs, and eating ice cream while listening to a brass band. And then eating ribs (from the local meat market) on my new front porch with Wyatt. We were both covered in sauce by the end of it. So good. Did I mention that I love my new neighborhood? It is treating me so right right now, and I think the summer is going to just keep getting better.

I also planted a bunch of strawberry plants that I had dug up from my old house and ripped out a shit ton of invasive vine from the side yard. Gardening is so satisfying. Head-clearing, present in my body, de-stressing, satisfying.

And then I did a big chunk of homework that has been looming over my head and I feel so much lighter and like I might actually get to have a bit of fun this weekend. I love it when I’m actually slightly ahead of the game. And now early to bed so I can tackle more homework tomorrow!

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