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day 193.

I haven’t written here in weeks.I even missed the half way point milestone (day 183) that I swore I’d post about. I started my summer term and it has felt like my life has gotten away from me a bit. I have been basically living in a world of homework and deadlines and so much reading for the past three weeks. It’s kind of unreal. Plus the lack of reliable internet has made things extra difficult. But the internet sitch has been fixed, my term is done in a week (and then I start another a few days later, but only one class instead of two), and I feel like I can start getting back to updating more regularly.

All that said, I have been practicing self-care on the regular. Especially with summer finally here, I have been treating myself really well and prioritizing certain activities to help me get through the term at school and make the most of the limited “me” time I have right now. Also, since school is a major priority and going to grad school has been such an act of self-love for me, I feel like pouring myself into it and giving it my all is some of the best self-care I can do. But trips to the river, playing in the park, and epic days of berry picking and jam making certainly don’t hurt either.

strawberries and lavender picked on Sauvie Island

lavender farm on Sauvie Island

strawberry lavender jam

little dog in a big park


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