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days 201-206.

I just had a glorious 4 day staycation between sessions of summer term. 4 days full of getting shit done, working hard in the garden, playing bingo (and winning $66!), warming my home, laughing with friends, cooking, baking, ice cream making, canning, and relaxing. It finally felt like a real summer. Some highlights:

Kicking off Thursday evening with celebratory nachos for finishing my classes:

Goth Bingo!!:

Making basil ice cream (the ice cream totally matched the stove perfectly):

House warming party:  (photos by jf)


brown butter sea salt crispies



pickled deviled eggs made by nicoletta



sausage!! the theme was Sausage Fest (cause we’re just that gay).

Marionberry picking:

Marionberries in simple syrup:

Picked peaches:

Zucchini bread:



And today I started the second half of the term with a new class. But I think it will be way less stressful than the first half of summer, and I will have four day weekends to go on adventures and get up to all sorts of fun things. Today I pickled radishes and greenbeans, made a quiche full of veggies and leftover sausage, and am about to make a peach and marionberry crisp. And then take a late walk with the tiny dog. Can’t complain really.

Radishes before:


Green bean and radish pickles:


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