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day 273.

Some nights it’s the full moon in aries and all you can do is feel all the feelings. Noted.

A place I like for getting info on the new moon/full moon each month is turning wheel astrology. Check it out!

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day 272.

Self-care looks like dancing.

Went out dancing on a Friday night for a change. And I’m so glad I did. It felt so good to move my body for hours to good music and get hot and sweaty. Dancing in a sea of babes/dancing with femme friends. Feeling glad I went out even though Fridays are really hard for me after a long week of work. Totally worth it. And I’m realizing I need to go out dancing more. I’ve missed it, and it is really important for me to be present in my body like that as much as possible.

New goal: go out dancing once a month. Totally attainable and worth it!

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The new Vol.Up.2 issue is out and it is beautiful, like always.

And, this little blog is featured on page 388!! I’m so excited to be a part of a project I love so much. Vol.Up.2 is inspiring, gorgeous, and fierce as hell. Velvet d’Amour does an incredible job making this magazine a reality. I regularly look at the issues for inspiration, body love, and just to see fat babes loving who they are. Definitely a source of self-care.

Check it out!

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day 266 and day 267.

The final weekend before school begins. I’m ready and I’m not ready, I guess. I really tried to make friend time a priority this weekend while also emphasizing low-key, solitary times to get my head in the game for school. I had an epic brunch full of delicious home-grown and homemade food with Lisa, a crafternoon with Jessika and Kernan, baking time, a fatty picnic with lovely folks, reading for pleasure, and time chatting with a few out-of-town dear ones.

Saturday Brunch:

eggs benny with hollandaise,  collards, and tomato on challah, fried purple potatoes, arugula salad with apple, fennel, asiago, and a basil vinaigrette and homemade chai. (most of it came from our respective gardens!)

Sunday Baking:

my first apple pie! apples are from the tree in my front yard!

pear and granola muffins. These are so good! We had some pears going bad and I whipped these up super quick to make use of them. I will definitely make them again.

Now it’s off to bed early in preparation for my 14 hour day tomorrow!

Also, how is it that there are less than 100 days left in this year? Seriously, how did that happen?

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day 263.

Today self-care looked like going to the dentist.

I tend to write mostly about the self-care I do that makes me feel good, or is fun, or is tender/heart-filling.  Mainly because well, it makes me feel good, and I want to share it and document it. But also because it is generally much prettier/nicer/easier than talking about health stuff, or the more mundane day-to-day self-care that I’m also actively working on. But self-care for me is also always about taking care of my body, and sometimes that means doing things that really freak me out like going to the dentist. So I wanted to put it down in this project too.

I haven’t had my teeth cleaned in years. I have so much shame around this fact. I didn’t have dental insurance for a long time, and I couldn’t afford to take care of my teeth the way I wanted to. When I finally could afford to get a cleaning, I was so embarrassed about how long it had been that I just kept putting it off (totally counterproductive, but there you have it). So embarrassment turned to fear and I just felt so stuck about it. But since I got the job I have now, and finally have somewhat decent insurance, I have made it a priority to take care of my teeth; to take a deep breath and push past what was stopping me. I sobbed the first time I went to the dentist again. I’ve had numerous cavities taken care of and today I had the first half of a big deep cleaning done. I go back on Wednesday for the second half. It is my goal from here on out to keep up with regular cleanings and be even better about home care. And I will try my best not to let my fear get the best of me again.


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day 257.

Went to see the swifts and had family dinner picnic-style. An annual Portland tradition.

Delicious food, the sweetest friends, my favorite two year old, and thousands of birds.

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day 251.

Share what you love.

Today Jessika and I set up our art installation at Not Enough! We presented our preserved food as an interactive art piece. It felt so good to get to share our hard work with our community and to receive so much positive feedback about it. We’re heading back tomorrow for the second day and have even more delicious things to share.

My artist statement about the project:

My family has been preserving food for generations. Some of my earliest memories are of picking wild blueberries and grapes to be turned into jelly. I learned to can from helping my gramma and dad every  year in the kitchen. They would make huge vats of antipast from my great-grandmother’s recipe, sweet and spicy Hungarian peppers, tomato juice and sauce, and  a wide variety of jelly depending on what fruit was available cheap or free. Using what they have taught me, I have spent the summer utilizing ingredients, learning new  recipes, and putting up jar after jar of preserved food that will sustain me and my friends in the seasons to come. Every jar honors where I have come from, grounds me in the moment it was created, and sustains me into the future with love and intention.

And some photos of our sweet display:






*all photos by jessika fancy


I have an epic post in the works from when my amazing gramma was in town, but I haven’t had the chance to finish it as I was traveling and am now back to work for the school year. But soon!!

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