day 346.

I can’t believe there are only 20 days left to this year. 20 days left to this project that I feel I have been relatively good at (actually, great at, just not the most awesome at documenting it all). I definitely feel like a different person compared to where I was last year, and I think I can say that a great deal of that has to do with how much intention I have tried to put behind self-care and being my own best love. The plan is to forever continue this process, especially now that I have such a foundational experience to draw upon.

Self-care for the past few days has looked like:

  • Cleaning my room! So overdue and so worth finally getting to!
  • Processing. Crying. Talking it out. Feeling better.
  • Naps after work!!
  • Pushing myself out of my comfy zone a bit.
  • Writing a long letter before bed instead of zoning out on the internet
  • Reading! I’m finally getting around to one of Brene Brown’s books, and totally loving it.
  • Making latkes and celebrating Hanukkah!!




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