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days 13, 14, 15, and 16.

I went to the coast this past weekend to celebrate one of my very best friend’s birthdays. It was full of so much good food, laughter, games, relaxing, art-making, and joy. It felt so good to be there, loving each other, treating each other with care, sharing the experience.

One evening, I walked to the beach by myself to watch the end of the sunset.

Sent wishes off with the waves.

Breathed in the salty air.

And said thanks.


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there was a rainbow on my birthday!

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day 5. birthday.

today is my 30th birthday. it has basically been one big day of self-care, to the extreme.

a list:

  • brunch with two dear friends who also happen to be my housemates
  • thrifting at red, white, and blue (my fave thrift store) where i scored an amazing beaded dress and an out of control leather vest (pictures soon!)
  • soaking at common ground. outdoor soaking pool and sauna. free on your birthday!
  • pedicure date. we got the deluxe, which included a clay mask and a paraffin wrap for your feet. we also sat in the most amazing massage chairs.
  • dinner with my three favorite fat bitches/witches. we were originally were going to go to sushi but the wait was too long. so we went to lebanese food instead. it was amazing!!
  • got my nails did by my super talented friend, but then i didn’t let them dry long enough and they got a little messed up. oops!
  • went dancing at Dirtbag! this super fun queer dance night my housemate puts on. it was such a blast and i danced more than i have in a long time. and i wore my new beaded dress! and it just felt so good to dance it out and celebrate starting this new stage of my life.

it was probably the best birthday i have ever had. i kind of wish every day could be this good, but i’d probably burn myself out. i do know that with prioritizing self-care a little bit every day i can hold onto this feeling, even if i can’t always be so extravagant.

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day 4.

a couple little birthday gifts for myself.

two air plants and the best chocolate bar ever.

tomorrow is my 30th birthday. so ready to leave 29 behind.

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