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day 272.

Self-care looks like dancing.

Went out dancing on a Friday night for a change. And I’m so glad I did. It felt so good to move my body for hours to good music and get hot and sweaty. Dancing in a sea of babes/dancing with femme friends. Feeling glad I went out even though Fridays are really hard for me after a long week of work. Totally worth it. And I’m realizing I need to go out dancing more. I’ve missed it, and it is really important for me to be present in my body like that as much as possible.

New goal: go out dancing once a month. Totally attainable and worth it!

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day 61.

March 1st. A new month. And that much closer to Spring.

Today’s self-care looked like dancing it out amongst a gaggle of femmes to this song:

and then this song:

at Dirtbag! one of the best queer dance nights ever, in my opinion.

And I don’t have to work tomorrow. Which means not setting an alarm. And having time to set intentions for the month of self-care to come.

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day 48.

self-care goal: dance it out

Tonight was about tender times on the dance floor.

Being surrounded by queers and fatties and feeling the music in my body.

Feeling my thighs and belly shake.

Feeling strong and grounded and sexy in my hips.

Closing my eyes and being right there. Right then.

Tonight was about friend love.

And this song:

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day 33.

self-care goal: move your body

Today I loved my body by getting out of bed, putting on a hot outfit, and going dancing. Moving my body, getting hot and sweaty, and singing along to the music put me in such a good mood. I’ve been having a rough week emotionally, but today I’m thinking it may have finally shifted.

And while I have to be up for work in about six hours, and I put off my homework for another night, I don’t regret it one bit.

I also documented what I was wearing for fatshion february here.

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day 20.

self-care goal: dance it out

Today, I took a homework break with my housemate and we had a basement dance party to Austra.

Video evidence here: homework break!, which is terribly embarrassing, yet so joyful I had to post it anyway.

Then spent the rest of the evening listening to the incomparable Etta James.


Music. Sometimes the best kind of self-care there is.

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day 5. birthday.

today is my 30th birthday. it has basically been one big day of self-care, to the extreme.

a list:

  • brunch with two dear friends who also happen to be my housemates
  • thrifting at red, white, and blue (my fave thrift store) where i scored an amazing beaded dress and an out of control leather vest (pictures soon!)
  • soaking at common ground. outdoor soaking pool and sauna. free on your birthday!
  • pedicure date. we got the deluxe, which included a clay mask and a paraffin wrap for your feet. we also sat in the most amazing massage chairs.
  • dinner with my three favorite fat bitches/witches. we were originally were going to go to sushi but the wait was too long. so we went to lebanese food instead. it was amazing!!
  • got my nails did by my super talented friend, but then i didn’t let them dry long enough and they got a little messed up. oops!
  • went dancing at Dirtbag! this super fun queer dance night my housemate puts on. it was such a blast and i danced more than i have in a long time. and i wore my new beaded dress! and it just felt so good to dance it out and celebrate starting this new stage of my life.

it was probably the best birthday i have ever had. i kind of wish every day could be this good, but i’d probably burn myself out. i do know that with prioritizing self-care a little bit every day i can hold onto this feeling, even if i can’t always be so extravagant.

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