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day 329.

November has been the hardest month. I think it is the change in weather. The darkness. Mercury Retro. So much cosmic shit. And so many emotions. About the past, and the future, and the present. I’ve been trying to right my ship in the storm of November, with small acts of self-love and community care. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Cooking with friends and feeding myself and others nourishing, loving meals
  • Intentional rest/taking naps as needed
  • Watching so many movies snuggled up with my dog
  • Reading books for pleasure instead of doing homework
  • Making art/crafting pretty much daily
  • Starting to go to Fat Yoga
  • Being vulnerable and feeling all the feelings
  • Consulting the tarot
  • And reading this, from virgo magic

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day 273.

Some nights it’s the full moon in aries and all you can do is feel all the feelings. Noted.

A place I like for getting info on the new moon/full moon each month is turning wheel astrology. Check it out!

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