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day 10.

today i went back to work after a three week vacation. ouch. it was a bit rough. to make it just a bit rougher, i drank entirely too much coffee and my stomach was not happy. like, really not happy.

today i had planned on going to the gym or taking my dog for a walk, but due to being so tired, messed up from caffeine, and feeling all around emotional and a bit worn out, i took it easy on myself and took a nap.

sometimes you have to tweak your self-care plans. i think that’s a big part of taking really good care of yourself. i need to continue to recognize what it is i need when i need it. i think it’s good to push myself, to grow and stretch, but it’s also good to know when to slow down. today was one of those days.

also, there are few things i love more than a good nap.

i woke up refreshed and with my tummy feeling a bit more mellow. and i made it out the door in time for an impromptu meeting of the fermentation and pickle club. more on that later…


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