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days 356-358.

Day 356: Solstice

We had a tender little gathering on Solstice eve, filled with good food, laughter, bedroom dancing, and game playing. Then a group of us walked over to the annual Winter Solstice Puppet Show, one of my absolute favorite Portland events. It was as special as ever. After, Wyatt, Jessika, and I had a little letting go ritual to end the night. It was all so perfect, and now I feel ready to welcome back the light.

solstice 2

solstice 1

letting go:

letting go

Day 357: crafting, good food, and preparation for the days to come. Oh, and a Ryan Gosling marathon.

Day 358: Cooking and baking!! Today I fried up so many latkes in preparation for Chrismukkah tomorrow. And soon will be baking chocolate chunk cookies and maybe some toasted coconut shortbread. And probably more movie watching and good food. I really love this time of year and the break from work/school. I am doing my best to make every day count in ways that are meaningful to me as 2012 comes to an end.


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day 66.

Today self-care looked like leaving work early due to a major cramp onslaught, crawling into bed, and sleeping it off for a couple of hours.

And then planning a cute secret birthday party with a dear friend. And having some heart time together. So good. I love my friends. I love what they bring into my life. I love how we celebrate one another and hold space for each other. It is so important to me. And I know I wouldn’t be in such a good place right now if I didn’t have them by my side, in my corner, holding my hand, and us holding each other up.

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day 48.

self-care goal: dance it out

Tonight was about tender times on the dance floor.

Being surrounded by queers and fatties and feeling the music in my body.

Feeling my thighs and belly shake.

Feeling strong and grounded and sexy in my hips.

Closing my eyes and being right there. Right then.

Tonight was about friend love.

And this song:

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