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day 315.

went to the ocean for the day.

found a waterfall. had really important friend time. breathed the sea air.


the cure for anything is salt water-sweat, tears, or the sea. -isak dinesen


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day 266 and day 267.

The final weekend before school begins. I’m ready and I’m not ready, I guess. I really tried to make friend time a priority this weekend while also emphasizing low-key, solitary times to get my head in the game for school. I had an epic brunch full of delicious home-grown and homemade food with Lisa, a crafternoon with Jessika and Kernan, baking time, a fatty picnic with lovely folks, reading for pleasure, and time chatting with a few out-of-town dear ones.

Saturday Brunch:

eggs benny with hollandaise,  collards, and tomato on challah, fried purple potatoes, arugula salad with apple, fennel, asiago, and a basil vinaigrette and homemade chai. (most of it came from our respective gardens!)

Sunday Baking:

my first apple pie! apples are from the tree in my front yard!

pear and granola muffins. These are so good! We had some pears going bad and I whipped these up super quick to make use of them. I will definitely make them again.

Now it’s off to bed early in preparation for my 14 hour day tomorrow!

Also, how is it that there are less than 100 days left in this year? Seriously, how did that happen?

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day 130.

Today’s self-care looked like reading this book:

at the bluffs (one of my fave Portland spots, and my first time there this season) to sweet friends while having a feast of delicious snacks and watching the sunset. After a long day of running errands, packing, and dealing with a sick chicken it was just what I needed. Looking forward to more bluffs hangouts this summer and more good food and more friend family time.

Rest in peace, Maurice Sendak. Thank you for sparking my imagination all of these years.

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day 98 and day 99.

I had such a full weekend of homework, good food, and friend time.

Some highlights:

I went skating at open skate on Saturday, which felt amazing after not having been on skates in a few weeks. I treated myself to some new wheels as I’m pretty sure my old ones were the cause of some recurring shin splint issues, and that shit is just no fun. And I caught up with my friend, which is always just so good.

Sunday I spent time in the sunshine, got all of my homework finished on the earlyish side (I’m trying to get off to a good start this term), caught up with my bestie who I hadn’t seen since before Spring break, and made delicious curried veggie rice noodles for my lunches this week. I’m really trying to prioritize cooking on the weekends, and it felt so good to make it happen.

And also, I just have to say it, sunshine makes everything better. Portland is so not disappointing me this Spring. It has just been beautiful out.

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day 77 and day 78.

Another jam-packed weekend.

Saturday I worked for this amazing youth arts camp at a weekend intensive they were having in Portland. I have spent my last two summers working at this camp as a youth advocate, but Saturday was the first time I got to present a lesson as an artist. It was a truly amazing opportunity and it was so great to see the youth get engaged in fiber arts. I’m super bummed I won’t be there again this summer, but grad school is my main priority right now. I do get to head to camp at the end of April for another intensive, so at least there’s that.

Self-care was a bit low on the list on Saturday as I was so busy all day and also just exhausted from the festivities of the night before. But I did manage a nap post teaching and some general relaxation time. And I made it to bed early, which is pretty awesome on the weekend.

Sunday was about wrapping up the last of my homework for the term. I drank delicious tea and got so much work done with friends at the tea house. I finished my big final project and feel so amazing about wrapping up my first term of grad school. Then I took one of my besties to get birthday pedicures! My feet needed that. Then we picked up another bff and went out for wings and ice cream. Kind of the perfect way to wrap up the weekend. And I was in bed by 10:30, with all of my homework done, ready to face my last long Monday of this quarter (although next term’s Mondays are going to be even more intense, yikes!). Can’t beat that.

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