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day 95.

Today instead of having my usual epic self-care Wednesday, I spent some time supporting a dear friend of mine going through a tough time. It felt important to be there for her and her partner in that way. My friendships mean the world to me, and it feels good to be in a place where I can lend support without feeling like I am stretching myself too thin. I’m such a giver, and a caretaker, because that’s just what I do, but sometimes it’s to my detriment. Again, prioritizing self-care these past few months has really helped me become more aware of what I can and cannot give. And that feels really good to know.


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day 6.

self-care goal: craft

self-care goal: spend time with friends (especially those you haven’t hung out with in awhile)

self-care goal: spend time with someone under the age of 5

today i crafted with my friend C. for a few hours. we drank tea and ate delicious snacks and had lovely conversation. i think the last time we hung out one-on-one was early in the summer, and i’m so glad we were able to work in this hangout. i’ve been on break from work for a couple of weeks and i’m about to head back, so i feel like i’ve been trying to fit in as much friend time as possible (i also had a lovely tea and craft date two days ago with another amazing friend of mine that i never got to writing about). C’s two-year-old son woke up from his nap and joined our crafting circle, although he wasn’t super engaged with his crayons. he was really into the corn cakes and hummus, however. the kiddo showed me his new room and his recycling truck and talked up a storm about everything and anything. it was so awesome spending time with him and his mama.

i almost forget sometimes how amazing very young people are. how everything is new. each moment a discovery. how they have a million questions about their world. all those synapses firing and connections being made. spending time with them today reminded me how much i love being around children. how much joy and wonder i get out of those interactions. how it brings me back to those parts of myself. thank you for today.

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day 5. birthday.

today is my 30th birthday. it has basically been one big day of self-care, to the extreme.

a list:

  • brunch with two dear friends who also happen to be my housemates
  • thrifting at red, white, and blue (my fave thrift store) where i scored an amazing beaded dress and an out of control leather vest (pictures soon!)
  • soaking at common ground. outdoor soaking pool and sauna. free on your birthday!
  • pedicure date. we got the deluxe, which included a clay mask and a paraffin wrap for your feet. we also sat in the most amazing massage chairs.
  • dinner with my three favorite fat bitches/witches. we were originally were going to go to sushi but the wait was too long. so we went to lebanese food instead. it was amazing!!
  • got my nails did by my super talented friend, but then i didn’t let them dry long enough and they got a little messed up. oops!
  • went dancing at Dirtbag! this super fun queer dance night my housemate puts on. it was such a blast and i danced more than i have in a long time. and i wore my new beaded dress! and it just felt so good to dance it out and celebrate starting this new stage of my life.

it was probably the best birthday i have ever had. i kind of wish every day could be this good, but i’d probably burn myself out. i do know that with prioritizing self-care a little bit every day i can hold onto this feeling, even if i can’t always be so extravagant.

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fermentation and pickle club.

self-care goal: try something you’ve never done before

self-care goal: learn a new skill

self-care goal: spend time with new friends/friends i haven’t really hung out with 1:1 before

self-care goal: make delicious, healthy food

i have a whole list of self-care goals and activities (which i’m hoping to post here eventually).

today┬ái made kimchi for the first time ever with two friends that i haven’t had the chance to spend a ton of time with yet. we had so much fun chopping and grating and salting and pounding. we even decided to make our hangout a regular thing, and the pdx fermentation and pickle club was born! i feel like we need to come up with a really good name for our club still, but next up is sourdough!

i can’t wait to try my kimchi in two weeks! yum!

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