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day 153.

Today self-care looked like going to the new farmer’s market that opened today in my neighborhood, buying delicious treats and beautiful herbs, and eating ice cream while listening to a brass band. And then eating ribs (from the local meat market) on my new front porch with Wyatt. We were both covered in sauce by the end of it. So good. Did I mention that I love my new neighborhood? It is treating me so right right now, and I think the summer is going to just keep getting better.

I also planted a bunch of strawberry plants that I had dug up from my old house and ripped out a shit ton of invasive vine from the side yard. Gardening is so satisfying. Head-clearing, present in my body, de-stressing, satisfying.

And then I did a big chunk of homework that has been looming over my head and I feel so much lighter and like I might actually get to have a bit of fun this weekend. I love it when I’m actually slightly ahead of the game. And now early to bed so I can tackle more homework tomorrow!

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day 150.

So, I moved (almost 2 weeks ago). I’ve been without consistent internet. And grad school is overwhelming me right now. But I’ve practiced self-care. Every day. Bit by bit. Little by little. I just haven’t had the time to document it. Mostly it has been in the form of settling into my new home, taking deep breaths to ease the stress, cooking good food, staying on top of my school work as much as possible, spending time with the animals, hot dirty times, and getting my gardening on.

Today I spent the evening gardening after doing some homework. I’m so excited about my new yard and all of the potential and possibilities. It needs a lot of work because it is completely overgrown and out of control, but it is beautiful and so lush. The flowers are just blowing me away right now. I want to learn about all of the different things we have growing out there. I planted a small plot of vegetables so we’ll have tomatoes, spinach, arugula, cucumbers, and strawberries. I still need to plant some herbs as well. It is a perfect little kitchen garden.

The garden is going to be my summer decompression spot for sure. There is nothing like putting your hands in the dirt, working hard, quieting your head, and just getting to it. I love it.

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day 86.

Act of self-love: home is where the heart is

Today Wyatt and I made our intentions to start a home together known. We gave our notice to our other housemates, which was a bit nerve-wracking but also so necessary. I’m so excited to start an intentional space with just the two of us. Wyatt and I live really well together, and I’m just at the point in my life where I need to live with less people, and live in a house that really feels like a home. I’ve loved living at my house for the past 2+ years, but it is definitely time for a change. I’m not super looking forward to the prospect of packing and moving, but overall I’m super excited. And I’m confident that we will manifest our dream home together. Here’s to a new adventure of living in Portland and to making decisions that ultimately make me happier.

Later in the day, I put my hands in the dirt. Planted some squash plants, and admired the garden at my friends’ house. I feel so fortunate to get the chance to garden again with folks who are super dedicated and sweet.

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day 60. leap day.

So, a couple weeks into January I realized that 2012 is a leap year. Which means that technically, this project should be called 366 days of self-care, but I like the way 365 sounds better so I decided not to change it. It does mean that I have one more day to get this right, and I’m ok with that.

Epic Wednesday self-care for the last day of February:

  • counseling
  • acupuncture
  • garden prepping
  • and I bought myself a bouquet of my favorite flowers, pink ranunculus:

Working on setting new goals and intentions for March. More to come.


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day 57.

Today was about setting summer garden intentions with two lovely friends.

Today was about pickling chard and kale stems for the first time (new pickle obsession).

Today was about finally starting that sourdough starter.

Today was about loving myself through the food I make and hope to cultivate.

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