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fermentation and pickle club.

self-care goal: try something you’ve never done before

self-care goal: learn a new skill

self-care goal: spend time with new friends/friends i haven’t really hung out with 1:1 before

self-care goal: make delicious, healthy food

i have a whole list of self-care goals and activities (which i’m hoping to post here eventually).

today┬ái made kimchi for the first time ever with two friends that i haven’t had the chance to spend a ton of time with yet. we had so much fun chopping and grating and salting and pounding. we even decided to make our hangout a regular thing, and the pdx fermentation and pickle club was born! i feel like we need to come up with a really good name for our club still, but next up is sourdough!

i can’t wait to try my kimchi in two weeks! yum!

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