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day 55.

Loving my body today.

Even if I’m still on the edge of sick.

And my toes cramped up and my shin was killing me.

I still laced up my skates, turned left, and with each stride felt lighter yet still, more grounded.

Getting into my body and getting out of my head.

If only for two hours. Enough.

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day 35 & day 36.

self-care goal: move your body

This weekend, I really tried to focus in on moving my body in intentional and motivating ways. Movement is one of the ways I work through things, and coming off a very emotional week where I was processing a lot, I needed to dedicate some time to getting into my body and out of my head.

Saturday I went to derby class again. It was even better this time. I know I said this last week, but going again was such a good reminder to me for how present and in my body I am when I’m skating. I’m pretty sure my friend and I are going to join the Wreckers, the Rose City Rollers recreational league. I’m fairly confident that I do not want to be a full-on bouting rollergirl again, but I do really miss the sport. I think the rec league sounds really fun and would be a good challenge for me. It would also have me skating regularly, which I’ve clearly discovered is something I want to be doing. Anyway, orientation is next week, so I’ll know more then. It’s also super fun and motivating to have a friend to do this with.

Also, my thighs are so sore today in that really delicious way that I just love. More of that, please.

Today was so unbelievably sunny and dare I say it, warm out. I was swamped with homework but I did manage to take a break and enjoy the weather. I took the teeny tiny out for a walk to enjoy the sunshine. It was short, but being out in the fresh air was energizing. It definitely helped me clear my head and it was good to stretch my legs after skating.

My housemate and I also made delicious treats to take to a super bowl party. We made jalapeno poppers with bacon and those amazing rice crispy treats again. Then we spent the afternoon watching football and Madonna at halftime with a roomful of sweet folks and amazing food. My friend cooked ribs and chicken that were out of control good. Yum!

Now we have chile verde on the stove making the house smell amazing. Can’t wait to have it for lunch tomorrow!

Also, two fatshion february posts! Saturday and Sunday.


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day 33.

self-care goal: move your body

Today I loved my body by getting out of bed, putting on a hot outfit, and going dancing. Moving my body, getting hot and sweaty, and singing along to the music put me in such a good mood. I’ve been having a rough week emotionally, but today I’m thinking it may have finally shifted.

And while I have to be up for work in about six hours, and I put off my homework for another night, I don’t regret it one bit.

I also documented what I was wearing for fatshion february here.

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day 32.

I had every intention of making a post full of all of the things I plan to do this month to love my body, but I had a pretty emotional day and I waited too long to have dinner and now all I want to do is snuggle with my little dog and watch something funny before bed. so I’m going to do just that.

The list will have to wait til tomorrow.

But one thing I’m working on in the vein of loving my body every day is participating in fatshion february.  I think it will be a great project for me. It will get me more used to photographing myself, it will encourage me to wear some really amazing outfits in the middle of winter, and it will help me celebrate my body to the fullest. I’m not sure if I’ll get to it everyday, but it is definitely a goal of mine.

Here‘s my post from today.

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month in review.

I kind of can’t believe that it’s the end of January already, and that I’m a solid month into this project. I feel like I’ve learned a lot about myself already. And that day by day, I’m getting better at taking care of myself, prioritizing my needs, cutting myself some slack, and healing my heart.

I’ve been surprised at how writing this blog has turned into a major part of my self-care. I mean, I kind of figured it would be important, but being accountable to myself in this way is really good. I find I’m more likely to stick to my intentions because I have this working document waiting for me.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about how I want to move forward for the next 11 months. So far, I’ve just been going about my days and haven’t had any real focus or direction to the self-care I’ve been doing other than making sure I do it. I like the organic process of this project, and I knew going into it that I would be developing it and changing it up as I went along. Dividing actions into acts of self-love and self-care goals has been really useful for me to categorize some of what I’ve been doing. Acts of self-love have emerged as larger, overarching concepts, whereas self-care goals are more like the practical application of these concepts. I want to continue to work with these ideas in a more organized way.

For February and beyond, I’ve decided to work within a theme for the month. The theme will focus on one or two acts of self-love, with each day comprised of one or more self-care goals that fall under/support that specific act. My hope is that by focusing more intensely on a certain area for a concentrated amount of time, I will be able to develop better habits of self-care in that area for the future.

I also want to incorporate more art into the project. My goal for February in this regard is to illustrate some of my favorite days from January as an artistic document of this project. Hopefully at the end I’ll be able to put together a little zine with highlights from each month.

So, without further ado, the act of self-love for February is:

love your body. everyday. no exceptions.


More on my plans for implementing this act tomorrow!


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