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day 107.

After my long-ass day of work and school, I’m finally snuggled up in bed about to get in some self-care.

It will consist of: reading for fun (the leather daddy and the femme, oh so good!), probably jerking off, and then sleep before 11:30.

Ready, set, go.

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day 72.

Mondays are the worst.

All I could manage today post work and school was curling up in bed with the tiny dog, a sewing project, and some United States of Tara.

Sometimes the heartbreaking sadness of this world is too much to fucking bear.  In the words of my dearest, most tender plp Wyatt:

you reading this right now. i don’t care if we’re best friends, never met, whatever. you’re important and amazing and beautiful and i’m real glad you’re in this world. please take care of YOU and if you’re able, those around you too. we need to be kind to one another so we can be fierce together. ok? ok.


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day 65.

Power through the Monday.

How I took care of myself on this long ass day:

  • took my meds
  • drank a lot of coffee
  • drank a lot of water
  • read for fun
  • went to bed well before midnight

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day 37.

I am exhausted. I’m surprised I’m even still awake to make this post. Mondays are shaping up to be so intense. I feel like Mondays are hard enough for me as it is, just by being the beginning of the week, but now I have school on top of it. And I love school, but by 7pm I’m pretty done, and there’s still another hour of lecture to go at that  point. Oy.

So today’s self-care and body love means going to bed before 10:30. Getting some serious sleep. I need it.

And I’m still on a roll with fatshion february. My fatographer was out this evening, so I had to take the picture myself, but I think I did ok.

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