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day 366.

The last day of 2012.

I spent the last few hours of the year playing games and eating good food with friends at a small gathering. At 11 I headed home to wrap up the year alone, reflecting on all that I have accomplished and all that I am looking forward to in the year to come. I wrote intentions, consulted the cards, ate a satsuma and some good chocolate, and cuddle with my dog. It felt like the perfect way to end my year of self-care. With love and joy and intention.

I started 2013 by taking a bubble bath and reading by candlelit. Starting another year of self-care off right.

Now that the year is complete, I won’t be writing here anymore. I will be tracking my self-care in other, less public ways and dreaming up more projects for the years to come, and plan to look back on this blog as a tool and a reminder.

I am proud of myself for completing this project; for making self-care an integral part of my year and life. I have learned so much about myself, my community, and the way I want to go through my days. For me, self-care is vital.

I am looking forward to what the future holds, for all of us.

Be good to yourself. xo.


intentions for 2013.


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day 1.

today, for new year’s and the first day of my self-love project, i went to the oregon coast with two of my favorite witches. the drive was gorgeous and the weather unbelievably good.

at the beach i wrote my intentions for the year in the sand for the ocean to carry away on the tide.

i collected shells and breathed in salty air, ready for what the year has in store.

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new year’s revolution

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new year’s day 2012. at the oregon coast.

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