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day 88-day 92.

San Francisco pervcation for spring break.

I won’t be going into details, but let’s just say I had the most incredible time and had the opportunity to explore some really exciting things for me. And a vacation was just what I needed. Sometimes self-care looks like big financial splurges and a change of scenery.

I will be going back next year, that’s for sure.

I also hit a milestone with this project while away: I am 1/4 of the way through it! That’s pretty exciting. And I feel like I’m totally in a self-care groove to the point where it feels like second nature. I hope to keep the momentum going through spring and into summer!

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day 83.

Today I celebrated officially being on SPRING BREAK with more pho with a dear friend, sexy underwear shopping, prepping for an epic baking day tomorrow (my fermentation club is making sourdough bread!!), witnessing a beautiful night sky with the thinnest sliver of moon, and going to bed somewhat early again. I clearly know how to get WILD with the self-care.

I’m so looking forward to the next week of no work or school, the chance to check off so many to-do’s, and going to San Francisco for pervcation.

And sunshine! Everything is better when there is sunshine.

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day 69.

More time in the sunshine. If only it would last a little longer…

Treated myself to an afternoon at the tea house, drinking an iced creme de la earl grey latte and getting homework done.

Skating and sweating and feeling good in my body, even when I had shin splints.

Set my spring break plans further into motion, and I am really excited about it. More to come.

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