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day 98 and day 99.

I had such a full weekend of homework, good food, and friend time.

Some highlights:

I went skating at open skate on Saturday, which felt amazing after not having been on skates in a few weeks. I treated myself to some new wheels as I’m pretty sure my old ones were the cause of some recurring shin splint issues, and that shit is just no fun. And I caught up with my friend, which is always just so good.

Sunday I spent time in the sunshine, got all of my homework finished on the earlyish side (I’m trying to get off to a good start this term), caught up with my bestie who I hadn’t seen since before Spring break, and made delicious curried veggie rice noodles for my lunches this week. I’m really trying to prioritize cooking on the weekends, and it felt so good to make it happen.

And also, I just have to say it, sunshine makes everything better. Portland is so not disappointing me this Spring. It has just been beautiful out.


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day 61.

March 1st. A new month. And that much closer to Spring.

Today’s self-care looked like dancing it out amongst a gaggle of femmes to this song:

and then this song:

at Dirtbag! one of the best queer dance nights ever, in my opinion.

And I don’t have to work tomorrow. Which means not setting an alarm. And having time to set intentions for the month of self-care to come.

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